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The whitmire Ghoul

Episode 7: The Whitmire Ghoul Part 2

The ghoul trail heats up as the Mistory team digs into the story of Little Rock Jerry

Episode 6: The Whitmire Ghoul Part 1

It’s 1957 and Pensacola’s in the grips of Ghoul mania.

Dangers of Dating

They said they were going to the movies. We wish they had. The Mistory team tackles the Sweetheart Murders in this episode

Episode 5: Sweetheart Murders

On the evening of Friday, January 30, 1931, 23-year-old Ed Moore was shot and killed while parking on Pensacola’s Magnolia Bluff with pretty 19-year-old Gretchen Gregory. Gretchen became a suspect in the murder and Ed, well, he turned out not to be “Ed” after all.

Episode 4: Killer of the Bluffs

Mistory explores the dangers lurking on Pensacola’s lover’s lanes.

JFK Conspiracy Theory

“I’m a dead man, but I’ve run as far as I’m going to run,” were some of the last words Hank Killam said to his brother. Two days later, on March 17, 1964, Killam was found dead amongst shattered glass on a Pensacola street corner. Did we mention that our man Hank is at the center of a JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory?

Episode 3: Half Truths, Hysteria, and Distortion of Facts

Episode 2: Death by Curios

Episode 1: Man Found Dead 

Killam Papers


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